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This build is what I have finalized. I do not wish to go any higher than this price. This PC will be playing games anywhere from League of Legends , Diablo 3, Call of Duty, SWTOR, and other upcoming titles. All I would like is some professional confirmation that this build is good and that I can go forward and start ordering. Although this build is what I would to keep I am open to any suggestions but if you do give me a suggestion please provide with a reason why to change the build.
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  1. Looks good to me.

    Would change the casing to a Rosewill Challenger. It's the best case IMO in the $40-50 price range.

    Then this PSU.

    ^get that while it's on sale, it's a steal.

    These should bring your costs down for about ~$30.
  2. A very good and balanced build.
    No need to change a thing.
  3. Looks good but you could get better for the price.

    Check out my $650 build here:
    Saves you $10 and you get a better CPU, yes I said it the FX-6300 is better than the i3 3220, not at all games but the majority it is equivalent if not better and especially the fact that in normal apps the FX-6300 will be better. You also get a 7870 which is better for gaming. Most games would be better off with a better GPU rather than a better CPU.

    This build was also an option....please tell what you think about this build in comparison to my first one
  5. velliott5060 said:

    This build was also an option....please tell what you think about this build in comparison to my first one

    Same parts, weaker cpu for gaming.
    For some idea, read this.,3120-10.html
  6. Get the aznshinobi's build. Great for gaming.
  7. I'm alright with the fact that the CPU is a little weaker with this being a budget build and all. All that really concerns me is if it will be able to play games like Diablo 3, SWTOR, Call of Duty, and other upcoming titles.
  8. The build in my link that I suggested will be more than enough for those games and for other games to come. THe FX-6300 can overclock easily to 4.8ghz+ mark so if you ever need to you have that option. Also the 7870 is a great overclocker as well, at 1GHZ the 7870 is practically the 7950.
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