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I have just purchased a gigabyte ga-z77-d3h motherboard. It has a power connectror labeled ATX_12V_2x4 in addition to the 24 pin. My PSU has 8 4 pin connectors. I do not have a 8 pin connector. Can I use 2 4 pin connectors? My PSU is Corsair HX650 V2.
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  1. Yep. Should work fine. Me, I didn't have to use 2 4pin connectors (my PSU came with 1 8pin) But I've heard from many places that it will still work. Unless you are running a PSU that is drawing 120+ watts, again, it will work. Need anymore assurance that it will work? :kaola:
  2. if you look at the ps shipping info or the card with the power supply. there should be two blue cables that are 6 pins plus 2 those are for the video power. one power cable called eps cable that the cable for 8 pins mb.
    1 x EPS12V CPU Connector
    2 x 6 plus 2 pci video cables. (those are for you video card).
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