Disabled onboard video in windows XP

I was instructed by graphics card manufact to disable onboard video in windows, so I did. Now Cant get new card to display I have bios screen but upon opening windows XP the screen goes blank. Is there any way to reset windows. Acer AMD Verton M410.
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  1. What new card do you have installed in your PC ?

    Go into BIOS, check and disable on-board video there, too. In most cases, installation of an add-on video card disables the on-board video. Now you should be able to get video on the monitor. Make sure the monitor cable is securely attached to the output of the new video card. In some instances, you may have to reset CMOS of the motherboard.

    By the way, you can always do a start-up repair or do an in-place installation of Windows XP ( install Windows XP over Windows XP ). Do you have Windows XP disk ?
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