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Hello, I have a dell inspirion 530s model.Its about 5 years old. 3gb of memory.300gb hard drive. the video card is a intel g33/g31 express chipset(chip type gma 3100) I want to view OTA tv and use as a dvr.thats it.I will be using windows media center thru my xbox 360 to access this pc.Will this pc be enough for what i need?Any suggestions would be awesome.thx
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  1. yeah should be fine obviously u wanna add more storage down the track but the main thing you wanna do is spend about 30 bucks on something like a hd6450 (this is assuming you dont wanna play games on it all) that way you will get all the new features available like bluray 3d support, hdmi 1.4, and bitstream dts-ma and dd hd
  2. thx so much for the response. i thought this pc would be too old to be a htpc. i will not be playing games on it,ill look into the hd6450.any advice for a good usb tv tuner?
  3. I have a couple of SiliconDust HDHomeRun network tuners which is a nice way to hook that up. What's nice about that is if you can get an ethernet cable close to where your antenna is, the coax run can be very short to the network tuner meaning better signal quality/fewer issues.
  4. thx so much guys. i look forward to cutting the cable soon.
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