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Hi all,
I'm wanting to get into the world of eyefinity and was wondering how well a hd7870 games on eyefinity with 3 1080 monitors. im currently using a nvidia gtx550ti sli with 2 monitors and there is no way this could use surround and i like the look of amd/ati more then nvidia. so how well would this card work with on games like mw3, bf3, skyrim.
if this card wouldnt work to well how many steps up would i need to take for eyefinity to game on max settings using 2xAA

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  1. Your Tittle says Radeon HD 9870 Lol?
  2. valeman2012 said:
    Your Tittle says Radeon HD 9870 Lol?

    You cant prove anything :kaola:
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