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I'm looking for advice on ~$1500 dollar gaming build however price is flexible. This will be my first build. Previously I have only upgraded a computers GPU and ram before so I am still learning. Keep in mind that I live in Australia so prices will be different.

Here is what I was thinking.

Cpu - Core i5-3570k - $233.00
GPU - Radeon HD 7870 - $250
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-Z77 LGA1155 -$145
Memory - Gskill 8Gb kit (2x4G) - $48
PSU - Seasonic s12 750W 80+ Silver - $165
Cooler - Coolermaster hyper 212 Evo - $35
Harddrive - Seagate sv35 2TB 7200rpm - $129
SSD - Corsair 120GB Neutron 2.5 - $129
Case - NZXT Phantom 410 - $129.00

This comes to $1263 allowing for optical and a screen etc. I have very little idea regarding memory, cooler and harddrives and what are good choices so my selection may be poor in this area.

All prices are from which is most likely where I will get parts.
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  1. No point in a 750w PSU. your system won't come close to reaching it (even if yuo SLI the 7870 later on)

    and I'd rather go for a asrock Extreme4 motherboard (more power phases for more stable power to the cpu for better overclocking)

    IMO, lower your PSU (550-600w is more than enough for single GPU systems) and spend that extra money on the GPU. and you can definitely go for a cheaper case and throw that towards your gpu too.

    So from your website

    Asrock extreme4 mobo ($10 cheaper)
    seasonic 620w S12II psu ($47 cheaper)
    you can knock at least $20-30 off of a good quality mid tower case.

    with that much extra, you can upgrade to a 7950 or a GTX 660 ti...

    but everything else is pretty good...

    (and hell... learning how expensive hardware is everywhere else in the world...)
  2. Steer clear of seagate drives. Opt for a western digital one, either blue or green.

    I would have recommended you a samsung 830 SSD 128gb, but the website doesn't have them..

    Apart from that, everything looks fine. BTW, if you can get your hands on a 650W PSU, it'll be more appropriate for your build.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the help and will most certainly follow your suggestions.
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