Graphic card cannot detect by motherboard P8z77-v

i just build my first new PC. but my graphic card (GeForce GTX550 Ti Direct CU Top) did not detected by my OS. I cannot see it n the device manager.

I had try re-install my OS. I had try disable the on-board graphic in device manager. I had try update my BIOS revision. All cannot work!!!!:-(

For one thing strange is that i try to change the primary display in BIOS from auto to PCIE and save it before exit.
But when i re-login again to BIOS. It show back the setting to Auto. cannot understan why.

Anyone please help me to sovle my problem...

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  1. It sounds like the graphics card is dead. do you have another computer you can test the card with?
  2. also, what are the specs of this pc?
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