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Hey Guys,

I purchased myself a Sapphire HD7950 online, hasn't arrived yet, but I wanted your guys opinions on my purchase.

I was sold on the HD7950 from quite an early period, here in the UK the 660ti cost at least £40 more for a non-reference card vs an HD7950 non reference, and from most benchmarks the HD7950 seemed the winner, plus the fact I have three1080p screens in eyefinity, so the added VRAM may help, along with the 384 bit bus.

However the real question is whether there's any major difference between the Non OC and OC version of the Sapphire card. Obviously I know the OC card comes OCed out of the box, but apart from that the Non OC card I bought has the same Dual fan cooler, same everything as far as I can see. Plus it was £15 cheaper than the OC version.

Will the Non OC card be able to overclock as well as the OC card? If not, how well could it OC?

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  1. theres no real difference, unless your comparing it to an older model:

    Sapphire has 4 main 7950's that i can recall

    1. Original 7950(both normal and OC edition) the original has the sapphire name on the dual fans
    2. Revision 2 of the 7950(sapphire gave the dual fan layout a name, Dual-X, the fans names on the middle now have the white text Dual-X. these pcbs of course are newer in return)
    3. Sapphire Flex, the no need for active display adapter version of the 7950 for eyefinity purposes
    4. Vapor-X 7950: the vapor cooling chamber version, the newest one i believe of course with sapphires signature cooling system for maximum cooling performance.

    im bunching ghz models to be normal as well. techincally the 7850 is a ghz model i think.
  2. Cheers cleared that up. As for that whole new AMD Boost thing, would I be able to get this on the card? Sapphire sells the card with boost as a whole new product.
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