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I am using an Element flatscreen tv as a monitor for my Dell laptop via an HDMI cable. It works perfectly fine until I try to play PC games. It blacks out for a second or two while the computer loads the game but once it comes back on, it has a purplish tint which is very annoying. I can\'t manually adjust the settings to get it anywhere near normal looking. On a side note: While playing Homeworld, the screen blacks out as always and turns purple afterwards, but once I get into the actual gameplay, it goes back to normal. I\'m totally confused.
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  1. First thing I would check would be that the TV properly supports the resolutions and refresh rates used by the game. Maybe play with these settings a bit too see if it has any effect?
  2. I apologize ahead of time, but I am not that keen when when it comes to electronics. How do I go about doing that?
  3. You could do so by going to the support website of the product you own, generally the bigger the display, and especially for TVs they have a much lower refresh rates making them less than ideal for gaming, but it could be done.
  4. the only reason your TV can go blank is because of the handshake that takes place between it and the video card (unless either device is faulty-which I doubt based on your desription.) There's an issue somewhere because of incompatibility, and the TV doesn't see the signal for a split second during the "talk"

    this provides a MUCH better explanation than I ever could -


    after reading through your OP, slower, it's probably what Herr_Koos is suggesting

    check the specs of your TV, or give us the exact model # and we'll check it
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