RAM usage very high

Hello everyone,

I'm a uni student from England now living in Belgium studying Digital Arts and Entertainment.

As a part of my new life i took everything with me, but now that I'm am now in Belgium my computer is acting very strange. Even tho being in a different county is totally unrelated xD.

My ram usage has SKYROCKETED and seemingly for no apparent reason. The computer was transported in a car (nice and cozy, wearing a seat belt :kaola: ) but whenever i start my PC the usage shoots to 49% and the CPU is at 1% I'm only on the desktop.

I am currently running a:

i7 920 CPU
6GB Corsair Dominator RAM
3x 580 GTX delivering to 3x 3D screens
More than enough HDD space on C:
1000w PSU

I paid for this myself and the components are stupidly expensive here so i really want to get around it some how, and honestly i don't even think anything is damaged but something is just hogging something :??: !

I even tried to put in another 6GB of my older ram, fixed the timings and was fine but then it was still stupidly high. Guess i was just running away from the problem than trying to fix it :(

My top processes are Chrome topped between 65k - 119k, so i downloaded RamMap and it is showing so many things being utilized:
svchost.exe and other things i have no idea about.

I have done a virus scan and nothing :( / :D

Is there anything im doing wrong? or a program i can download to disable all this crap running in the background? Or maybe my ram has had id?

Thanks in advance

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  1. iirc Windows will change its ram usage based on how much you have. svchost is something you need. Can't remember what, but I have looked it up before. I have 8GB installed and windows always uses around 3GB so I don't think this is much of a problem.
  2. Zijn said:
    Or maybe my ram has had id?

    Or may be you just dont understand how it works?

    I presume you win 7? (that info may have helped!! :sarcastic: )... but in simple terms - windows 7 sees unused mem as "wasted" so it tries to optimise machine performance by prefetching/caching what it thinks you might use next...

    You not given enough info to be sure... but its quite possible you need not worry....
    If you cant see someting using the mem.... (assuming you know what you doing... but since you asked the question - you possibly dont!!)... then prob dont worry about it.

  3. ^ Agree, I think you are trying to fix something that is not broken. Windows 7 manages memory quite well, and unless you are getting out of memory errors, you may have just noticed this normal function and created this problem in your mind, and there is actually nothing wrong with your machine.
  4. Thank you very much you guys

    Once i put the ram counter up i guess i just got paranoid for actually seeing it :/

    But everything is much better now :)


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