My eVGA 8800 GT FPS doubled after system restore. cant get it again...

Hi, im new to the overclock scene and after some issues with my gpu drivers i ended up doing a system restore. afterwards my 8800 gt ran like 50-70% faster in stock speeds (i kid you not!), almost comparable to sli, but when i turned off my pc to clean the dust build up out of my gpu and cpu its speed went back to normal. i cant grasp or understand how this is possible. do thing like this happen? and why? can i get it again? if so, do you know how?

op= windows 7 32-bit
mobo= gigabyte g31m-es2l
bios= award modular bios v6.00pg
cpu= intel core 2 duo 6600 @ 2.40ghz
ram= g.skill 2gb 240pin ddr2 sdram 800 (pc2 6400)
directx 11

I dont know if telling the events that happen prior to it are important, but its the only thing i can go off of.

I guess ill start by saying i got a beta invite to planetside 2. it crashed randomly when things got intensive, so i updated drivers and thought id try overclocking . my gpu stock speeds are 600mhz /900mhz and temps were 78c idle and over 90-100c in games (keep in mind i never dusted out my pc and never cleaned my gpu in 4 years). it was my first time overclocking so i tried rivatuner and followed a guide.(little did i know how much dust can affect temps and temps). I ran a bench mark in Trackmania and got 31 fps at stock speed- bumped it up to 700mhz /1000mhz still 31 fps, planetside 2 was dropped down to 5-8 fps :( (usually get 15-40)- went back to stock speed still 5-8 fps. I closed rivatuner tried again still 5-8 fps. i uninstalled rivatuner and restarted my pc-now back to normal fps(thank god). downloaded and tried nvidia's ntune which crashed nvidia's control pannel(i think idk). i rolled back a driver and got black borders around any game that resolution isnt 1920x1080, however i ran trackmania at 51 fps stock and planetside2 was 18-45 . I updated drivers and tried msi afterburner.Ran trackmania at 54 fps and planetside 2 remained the same. when i thought about it trackmania used to run 51 fps after my other 8800gt burnt out 2 years ago; they were in sli.

Anyway, i wanted to get rid of the black borders so i thought a system restore would do the trick. And it did!!! i ran another benchmark and trackmania was 60fps( :o ) and planetside 2 was 30-60 fps both at stock speeds.

wait a minute....

I was very confused. I know for a fact 1 8800gt never ran trackmainia that fast.

Just to be sure of myself i ran a game i use to play only when i was running sli; Grid Race Driver. And it always ran at 60 fps. Ever since my 8800gt blew out id only get 20-40 fps, but now i was getting 60fps with jsut 1...?

i thought now would be a perfect time to clean out my case. so i did the next day and fyi the dust build up was so bad it was completely blocking the air flow gpu. now my temps were 54c idle and 70c ish in games, however now my fps want back down to what they were prior to the system restore. :( whyyyyy

is there any way i can get it back up, what caused it to go up in the first place or back down, and is this a regular occurrence when system restoring?

please, if anybody could shed any light on this... i will do anything to get it that fast again!

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  1. In all honesty, trying hardest not to bump...but threads like these THAT ACTUALLY DESERVE TIME TO READ AND GO OVER instead of those useless "vs" threads should be worth helping this guy out.
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