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I am having 5 IP addresses assigned to me. I have one commercial/business modem/gateway/router. If I want to have the advantage of separate lines (go with this for now) how else can the gateway do it other than simply passing the IP directly through, no router function, basically a modem/switch, everything else not there.
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  1. Please provide more details about what you mean by "the advantage of separate lines"
  2. I should have mentioned that as is you can use this as a standard cable router. I should also mention that this is a business account . Not that the technical details of configuration are different.

    So if I setup a Mac/PC/BSD on one of the router ports with say a dynamic ip, then I go though the router WAN. If I set up the Mac with one of my static IP addresses assigned, I am directly assigned a connection to Comcast with no firewall, which of course I won't do, basically a switch function. Obviously I can setup the Mac with a static ip on the router subnet, trivial info.

  3. The setup is simple. It can be used as a router or a switch. Difference is that you either use DHCP or you don't (client machine that is). Don't use DHCP, which makes it a switch, and you assign the static ip say which is one of 5 I bought, to the host, assign appropiate subnet and whatever DNS you choose to use, good to go. Done deal.

    Or set up static/dynamic DHCP on the client and you use the router same old thing that we all know how to do in that case.

    I hope I've helped others in this regard. If not ping me cack.

    glad to help
  4. 5 I bought, to the host, assign appropiate

    Incorrect, not host, not host, I should have stated clients. Say any connected device, PC, Mac, BSD. wireless AP, etc.

    In my client setup, just use static and assign one of my Comcsat static IP in the setup panel, apppropriate subnet, etc
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