Best ATI graphic card from 85-100€

Hy there, i'm buying a new graphic card and since my Asus P5W DH Deluxe only supports crossfire i need an AMD card ...

Any suggestions on what to buy from 85-100€ price ... HD 6670 or HD 7750 ? ... Or smthin else ?=)
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  2. What about 7770 ?=)
  3. EddieExecutor said:
    What about 7770 ?=)
    What is your psu please list name make model
  4. LC Power Super Silent LC6600 V2.2 600 W
  5. Not a psu I would touch
    1x 6 pin connector
    Peak rated
    If the rails were additive it would be the equivalent of a budget 430w unit as far as power

    bigc, it's on the list at RHTx
  6. Thanks bud well OP you read what he said i agree
  7. Well why OP, i've payed 25€ for it ?=) Anyways it was the only PSU my m8 had in stock at that time ... anyways i think i'll go for 6670 atm since i need it only to play Dota 2 =) After a year i'll buy a new deskop ...

    anyways can u help me out with this ...

    i have Asus P5W DH Deluxe v.1 ( 3002 BIOS ver. ) on Q6600, Asus Arctic Square (Socket 754/775/939/AM2), ASUS 8800GT, LC Power Super Silent LC6600 V2.2 600 W, 2x2GB A DATA 240 pin 800mhz . I wanted to ask which RAM modules are best for this spec, i was thinking in buying OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 Platinum Edition Dual Channel 8 GB 4x2 GB 1066mhz .... is it fine and will it work on this MOBO ? ... couse i've seen on forums that MOBO still sees this RAM as PC2-6400 ...
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