Loud Buzzing noise coming from Computer

Let me begin by saying this is not a fan issue or coil whine.

I have disconnected fans to make sure It wasn't a bad bearing, and the sound is far to LOUD to be coil whine.

When my computer is under heavy load My case emits and very loud buzzing sound that is constant and does not decrease in volume or frequency. It is either making the sound or it isn't.

basic specs of system

i5 2500k 2.7 Ghz
2 x GTX 560 TI's SLI
8 gig DDR3 ram
750 Watt Corsair PSU

I have tried to isolate the sound but I am have an issue doing so, I thought it may be coming from the PSU but it isn't loud enough when I press my ear against it. It's either coming from one of my GPU's or the MOBO.

I know it may sound like im describing coil whine but coil whine tends to have a fluctuating sound and is not very loud and you may some times not even hear it over your fans. This noise is loud enough that my wife yells from upstairs asking "what the hell is that noise?"

I'm sort of stumped at the moment, at this point I may remove a GPU and see if I can recreate the problem with a single card. If any one has any ideas that would be great, from my searches online I can't find any one with the same symptoms I am having as most refer to coil whine but sounds nothing like what I have going on right now.
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  1. Gpu fan catching maybe?
    I have a similar issue with one of my cards, make sure it is seated in the Pcie slot fully,
    If its the issue I had I fully sympathise as your Pc growling at you is a bit scary hehe
  2. Do you have mechanical drives ? It happens to mine sometimes :S.
  3. I will double check my GPU fans, but I did inhibit them and the sound continued. I should have added that I disconnected my mechanical drives and only had my SSD's running. I will double check my CPU fan as well just to be sure but I doubt it would be that as the sound begins almost instantly as i tab back into a video game.
  4. Gpu drivers up to date and SLI enabled properly?
    It would appear to be Gfx load related by what you've mentioned there, see if its one card or the other that specifically whines
  5. To follow up, I figured that the sound was to constant and to loud so I pulled the system speaker and sound gone. I monitored my temps and fan speeds and everything was fine even under load, so I'm not sure as to why the system speaker was buzzing (also it was a wierd system speaker sound, hence why I didn't suspect it)
  6. Hmm, possibly a dodgy speaker then, glad you got to the source of things man :)
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