My xbox 360 can no longer find the network

Please help... We've had the xbox for nearly a year. Always worked fine. Just plugged it in and the internal wifi just worked... I have tried checking so many different possibilities, settings, etc. The router seems to be working fine. I am not a person that understands much about these technical issues. All of the troubleshooting tips I find contain jargon that goes right over my head! lol. I know my passphrase and network name are correct. Don't understand why it won't work suddenly. We have not added anything new. If you have any advice, or this has happened to you, please help? Thanks! Please use layman terms when possible... :)
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    Have you reset the wireless router?
    Do you have any other devices that you can use to test wireless connectivity?
    and have you tried connecting the Xbox with a network cable?
  2. Thank you for your feedback! It was the xbox wifi that was bad. The moment we plugged in the external cable to the router, it worked perfectly!
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