Ivy Bridge boosting video card?

I'm sorry, I was apparently a bit confused. I know the SB/IB act as a stand-alone video card should you not have one, but I thought the system could use it/the memory of it to boost your current video cards performance? I haven't gotten to test it out too much since I built the system due to a latency issue but I was going to download the "Virtu Universal MVP" program that came with my mobo, that uses both the onboard video, and your video card side-by-side for extra frames/quality, but it turns out it doesn't work for Ivy Bridge (Which is weird. Maybe there is another version I have to get?)

But that got me thinking: Isn't that a standard feature?
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  1. Depends a lot on what GPU you are using.
    For a low powered GPU there may be some point to it. However Virtu Universal MVP is pretty much pointless if you have a decent GPU then the hardware incorporated in the GPU does a better job anyway.
    While I wait for a reply about the GPU I will look for a review I read concerning Virtu Universal MVP and GPU's.

    Mactronix :)
  2. Here is a Quote from teh review I was talking about.


    We started with the ASRock board earlier in the review so let's do the same again for the conclusion, after a quick word on Lucid's VirtuMVP. All of the boards tested today support this technology. For anyone using a modern, discrete GPU from AMD or NVIDIA we suggest you do no install the software. AMD and NVIDIA's latest cards, on their own, provide GPU compute, HD acceleration and gaming performance which has gone through rigorous testing with performance fitting the price band. Additionally they offer minimal power draw in idle and desktop tasks. Intel too provide good, stable drivers for the built in GPU and can assist with video tasks such as playback and conversion. Enabling Virtu adds an extra level of software which offers little benefit to both groups of consumers and, in our opinion, is nothing more than a marketing gimmick which has no place on enthusiast products. Stick with AMD, Intel and NVIDIA only.


    Mactronix :)
  3. I have a 560Ti. To be honest nothing has really pushed it to the limit, but in GW2 the WvW (huge fights) just absolutely DESTROY my FPS. Like down to 5. I haven't played it since I got the new CPU so I'm excited, however I don't remember my GPU ever getting maxed out during it... Wouldn't you keep 60FPS until your video card was "Over-whelmed"? Maybe it's just coded badly...
  4. What Res you playing at ? 1080 X 1920 ?

    Also there are many versions of the 560Ti some very noticeably more capable than others. The 560Ti is a great card for most games but it does struggle a bit with games such as GW2 and BF3 for instance.
    There has been speculation that this is probably down to the 1GB memory on the cards.

    Personally If I had the money to get a new card I would probably look long and hard at the situation and decide what to do based on the following.

    1. Is the performance really affecting my enjoyment of the game.
    2. Have I done everything I can to increase performance short of upgrading ( Turning down features and settings)
    3. Do I have a motherboard with SLI capability and is SLI something I would consider.
    4. If I do buy a GPU do I get better bang for the buck with a new single card or SLI with the older 560Ti

    Realistically you are looking at needing something like a GTX 670 to perform as well as 560Ti's in SLI or a cheaper option would be the 660Ti which would be a little lower.
    Also something you must consider is your Power supply and will it power the two GPU's as well as remembering that while things are a lot lot better than they used to be you will still get issues with SLI configurations so the performance is never guaranteed across all games.

    The HD 7950 would b ea decent upgrade to consider form the AMD camp.

    Mactronix :)
  5. I was debating that same thing. See I can maybe MAYBE manage $200 and go sli 560's but I wondered y'know Would it ACTUALLY up the performance a noticable amount, is it worth it, etc etc. Because the next jump up would be a single card, in the 600 series which is $280-400. Another 560 runs 180, or even 150 on sale.

    As for model - I kinda made a rash decision a year or so ago and bought an MSI Galaxy 1GB model. I do notice some of the newer ones have 2GB (I think mine has 1GB. Not on that PC so can't check.)

    Hypothetically if I did buy another 560, and it was a 2GB model, it would just combine them to be 3GB cumulative yea, and not just out-right down-rank the primary card?

    And yea, I use it at 1080 resolution.
  6. No, if you use a 2GB card you loose the extra 1GB because each card needs a copy of the information. So if you have one card that has 1GB of memory on it then it obviously cant store more than that so that is the limit foe each card.

    I GB + 2GB in SLI = 2GB total available memory.

    Performance wise look here http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/NVIDIA/GeForce_GTX_560_Ti_SLI/23.html

    Galaxy made more than one model. Reference speeds for the cards were 823 core and 1002 for the memory which is the speeds on the cards in the review. You may find your card is faster than that.
    Core speeds can increase to 950 or in some cases 1000. it makes a noticeable difference as I said before.

    Mactronix :)
  7. Wow a 29% increase... That's not bad. Since my "splurging" on computer parts only happen every couple years. And this time around I happened to get a mobo that supports SLI. I'm downloading SiSoftware ATM to get the exact model number of my video card because I'm curious now. I brought my PC to work with me since I've been having this HUGE issue with it last week, but I finally fixed it so now I'm downloading random stuff.

    Tonight I'll test it out in GW2 PvP since I can mentally compare the speed vs old speed. I went from a Q8300 2.5GHZ to a 3570K 3.4 stock (Might OC it to 4.4 soon, but so far it's not hit cap.) and wanna see if the increase is what I was expecting. Since as I said, my video card has yet to hit it's "top" on GPU Meter.

    I'll update once I know the memory/speed.
  8. Just to say GPU Z is a great little application that will tell you what you need to know Sandra is ok but its a more full system application while GPU Z gives you well just GPU info as the name suggests.

    Mactronix :)
  9. Aww, I just went back to check on the computer and System interrupts is back to being 20% of the CPU again... LatencyMon isn't in the red this time though so maybe it's just a fluke.
  10. I believe that card has standard clocks but its possible to get a decent over clock see here if your interested. http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/3811/galaxy_geforce_gtx_560_ti_1gb_gc_video_card_overclocked/index2.html

    By the way I can see your PM but keep getting "Site unavailable" when clicking on it??

    Mactronix :)
  11. Ah, I was asking you if you happen to know anything about 'System Interrupts' and 'Latency' since you seem knowledgeable.

    And the ASRock actually has a preset OC for my card up to 1600HZ, I might mess around with that to see if I still lag in WvW for when I do play GW2. (Or if it's just the game itself unable to handle everything)
  12. I don't know much about it to be honest. I believe its usually a driver issue but that could be for anything not just GPU's. things like USB ports/ Ethernet ports/optical drives etc.

    A performance analysis tool would help to track it down but I only know from reading articles. Never used anything like it myself so couldn't talk you through it. Sorry

    Mactronix :)
  13. Yea, I've read multiple guides which and everytime it's USBHub.sys, IaStor (or atapi.sys if I don't have Intel's Storage driver installed) and hal.dll or something. but all are system files so I dunno how to go from here, haha. I have 7 threads on 5 forums, but it's kind of stomped everyone.

    There is one person who reads through XPerf scripts for Windows and figures out most people driver to blame, but he's been MIA for awhile.
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