CPU fan won't spin after built computer remains on for 5+ minutes

I have installed everything in the case and followed a multistep guide to find a solution but nothing

The computer when power button is press turns on and starts up the DVD drive the hd the motherboard fans all except the CPU Fan I've attached all the power and cables to their necessary spots and there are no loose screws everything seems to power up except the video out and my guess is because of the CPU fan not spinning it remains on and the only way to turn it off is from the back switch

It is a biostar a880gz motherboard

A couple of 4gb ram sticks a sata hd and DVD drive a 400watt psu which I tested and appeared fine except for the -5v and the 3.3v it has an mad a3+ mad fx processor black edition

It won't power on I've tried resetting the CMOS no help
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  1. Did you plug it in?
  2. Yes everything is plugged in to the appropriate sections and it powers on but the CPU does nothing and I receive no visuals even the 4 port plug is in now wasn't when I tried it first
  3. Silly me. I thought that the post I read about the metal raisers only applied to the multitude not the lack of them. Installed the necessary raisers and working like a charm now. I'll definitely remember this for the next build
  4. Do you mean the motherboard risers? Yes you need those.
  5. Surprise he didnt kill his motherboard
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