Catalyst Control Center won't install

To keep an old workhorse kicking I picked up an HD 4650 AGP card. Everything looks OK with DVI, except no Catalyst Control Center (CCC). I switch to HDMI and it underscans, leaving a one inch border. Now I know I can fix this with CCC, but my 12.6 hot fix (AGP) drivers for some reason don't provide CCC as an install option. The 12.6 drivers work, now how do I find and install CCC?

Is there another tool that allows me to adjust the underscan option? I've tried ATITool 0.26 and it doesn't seem to work right. Is there a later version I should be using?
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  1. Yipes. Them's some complex instructions.

    In my case I'm not sure it gets me where I need to go. I've got the latest drivers installed and everything is working well, I just don't have the Catalyst Control Panel that allows me to customize the settings like overclocking and such. I might not care except for some reason when I plug my monitor in with HDMI it underdrives it creating black bars around the edges and distorted text. Catalyst Control Center has an overdrive feature that I've used before to fix this problem, but I don't know of any third party tools that do. In the meantime, DVI is displaying properly, at the price of no sound.

    If I have a chance I think I'll work through your suggestion to see if I can determine which piece is the piece needed to install CCC, but I fear CCC might not even be in the AGP download. I guess if I follow the instructions I'll know for sure.

    For some reason it seems like it should be easier than this to install CCC.
  2. What version of Windows are you running? And, is it fully up to date?
  3. It's Vista Pro/Business because I didn't have an extra Windows 7 Pro license and needed the dual CPU support. Figured this close to 8 why bother messing with it. It should be fully updated, I keep auto updates enabled, but I can double check. Right now the kids are using it without complaint, but I still figure it will get an 8 upgrade reasonably soon.
  4. You are going to have trouble continuing to run with the AGP GPU as this tech is rather old.

    Honestly, you should probably run this system with only the drivers installed and not use Catalyst. Just connect via DVI or VGA and then connect your on-board audio to the display via the mini-RCA (regular old sound "plugs") jacks between the PC and the monitor/display/HDTV.

    Good luck!
  5. That's what I'm doing, and it works, but it just seems odd to me that the control center won't install. Then again it seems odd that HDMI doesn't just work too. Thanks for your insights.
  6. Understood. Catalyst is really just a management app to let you tweak the drivers and in your case the scaling. I think the entire industry is ready to be done with the legacy interfaces, including AGP.

    I am with you, if the capability is in the core Catalyst code, it should work.

    However, when I put on my "software developer hat", I actually do understand why this capability would be deprecated. I suspect you are seeing the last of the support of AMD/ATI of AGP.
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