640M vs 570M

I bought a laptop with 640M but i just realised i could have the exact same thing with a 570M for almost the same price

Is it worth returning it and buying a 570M instead ?
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  1. Have you compared the specs of the two???
    What's the memory speed... GDDR5 or 3 with the 640M?

    Looking at the games you might play in this review, you can see where they match up...
  2. my current laptop is:
    MSI CX70 0ND-023 I7-3610QM,W7H

    i want to exchange it for :

    I know the second one has better resolution, backlit keyboard, and some other features... But i just want to compare the GPU
  3. i meant comparing the specs of the 2 GPU's - NOT the system

    my first response was meant for you to see the link that I provided, and look for the games you play, and see where the 640M is on the given chart
  4. Yeah but this doesn't tell me how it compares to a 640M ?

    is 570M newer than 640M ?
  5. Ok well according to this page:

    The 560M is better than 640M... So i suppose that 570M is really better than 640M ?
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    Yeah, the 570m is much better than the 640m...

    I would totally exchange it if it si still possible...
  7. Always go for the 2nd number in either nVidia or ATI GCs. The greater the 2nd digit, the better the card is.
    There are exceptions though, like ATI's 6000 series over the 5000 series.
    In your case, 570 >> 640
  8. I would definitely exchange if you still can. I would say that the 500m series uses more power than the 600m series, but you get so much more graphics horsepower with the 570m.
  9. Oh well... NCIX doesn't want to take back my laptop even if i pay a 15% restocking fees. I bought it yesterday and they're supposed to have a 15-days satisfaction guarantee policy.

    Screw them, i will stick to newegg from now.

    I guess i'm stuck with my laptop :(

    Thanks anyway guys
  10. yeah dude, you are screwed,

    The T&C's explicitly state no returning laptops under the satisfaction guarentee.

    Also I checked out Canadas consumer rights laws and they are not there to help you at all. Compare them to the ones here in the UK and you will see that our draconian laws are actually much better at protecting consumers.
  11. Woohoo. After complaing a lot, NCIX will take back my laptop :)

    will cost me a 15% restocking fee (150$) but i think it's still worth it.

    The other laptop i'm buying is only $50 more than this one but it's stronger. So i will just loose $200 for a stronger laptop.
  12. Lesson learned... Do your research before making a purchase - and never make an impulse purchase, unless your $$$ grows on a tree
  13. I ended up selling my laptop to a friend and i bought the other one with the 570M :)
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