It would seem PC desktops have outgrown my desk. I am limited to only 17 inches in height and need forward /rear ventilation...and cannot find a case to hold a crossfire vid card dual hdd and dual optical to save my soul in anything less then 17 inches. My question for all you good folks is can I put my PC on the other side of the room and use the micro hdmi on the card adapt it to an already existing regular 50 foot hdmi cableto send my 3D picture with audio to the other side of the room to my monitor? Any suggestions to my dilemma? any suggestions for cases and builds also greatly appreciated
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  2. Just get something like this: ( ) (save yourself from possible data degradation in the converter) and move your computer somewhere else in the room.

    IMHO, 17" would be cramped for more than 1 vid card. As long as you have wireless mice/keyboard and are ok with moving when you want to play a DVD or manually reset just move the case and call it a day. :)
  3. cannot make due with a short adapter cable...its either the other end of the room or a smaller case...but yes i was talking of using an adapter cable such as that to attach on my long run of heavy gauge hdmi cable
  4. Yeah, I figured you wanted something longer, it was the first one on NewEgg that popped up which was over 10 ft :D

    If your just going to attach to your heavy gauge cable regardless, get something like this and skip the second set of cabling all together:

    Hope it helps
  5. Ok then my next question....and I hope you can help you happen to know if it takes a special hdmi to pass 3D signal or will yesteryears cable work for that? would a EVGA 680 TI card or a pair of GTX 650 hooked up SLI put out enough signal to move it over a 50 foot run? My knowledge on mini hdmi is nill is also present correct?
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    I do not have a 3D tv, i don't plan on doing so cause i get severe headaches when watching 3D style films. So you might just need to do another post asking about that.

    check this website, maybe it will help:

    To answer your other question, I am 99% sure audio is present on both mini and reg HDMI. Again, i don't have much experience with mini HDMI. My gtx 660 ti has full HDMI port so never really messed with it. But a buddy has a camcorder with mini HDMI out and he streams his audio/video through that to his TV.

    Sorry cant be more help
  7. more then enough help...thanks for the links and your help and your answers ...they were of great help to me
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