Atx 500w switching mode power supply

Hi im new to forums & such so forgive my newbiness.

I recently bought a HD 6870 GPU and my PSU is the model stated in the title. i cant seem to find any connectors whatsoever, other than the sata hard drives etc. there is no spare connectors & i believe this gpu requires 2x6 pin pci or something. is there a way to find out if my psu does have the required connectors. all the cables from the psu are either plugged into the motherboard or allocated elsewhere. any help appreciated and thank you.
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    If it had those, you'd see them. From what you wrote I can safely say that there aren't the two required connectors present on your power supply unit. It's time for a new power supply unit! I'd advice getting this one:
  2. I did fear that, i bought the PC as a pre build so although its fairly new i should think they would skimp on the quality of most parts. other than the processor i think most parts may need upgrading.
    I shall have to find a UK version of newegg or something similar as they do not ship to the UK as of yet (i think) but thanks for the reply, i do greatly appreciate it.
  3. Wow i cannot thank you enough :) the forum is lucky to have you lol

    i think its safe to say you've solved it for me, but no doubt i'll have other questions regarding the new psu.

    Thanks again & all the best.
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  5. No problem :). Just ask the questions away!
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