[HELP!]Can't Boot with GPU Drivers installed

I have a PALIT 9800 GT 1GB Green edition, it's been working fine for like roughly 2 years or more. Now suddenly the machine won't get past the 'Starting Windows' loading screen.

I tried removing the videocard then it booted fine so I thought reinstalling my 301.42 drivers might work, after uninstalling in safemode I realized it would boot normally when the drivers aren't installed, then I reinstalled 301.42; it went back to not getting past load screen.

I tried going back to 285.62 and it did the same thing.
I tried 295.73 and it did the same thing.

Everytime I reinstall/install/uninstall I do
1. Uninstall drivers
2. Reboot then use driver fusion to delete all nvidia traces
3. CCleaner fix reg issues
4. Install, reboot

my specs are
Pentium Dual Core E5700 @3.00 ghz
Gigabyte G41MT-s2 mobo
4GB Corsair DDR3 RAM
PALIT 9800 GT 1GB Green edition
Coolermaster eXtreme Powerplus 460w

Been running this rig and playing games for many many months, probably more than year and this just ahppened now, I tried
replacing videocard heatsink
using eraser on my 2 ram sticks
system restore

and it just won't get past loading screen(starting windows) whenever there's a videocard driver installed, has anyone experienced something similar?
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  1. hi. i have just installed a 690. it ran ok for a few hours...
    i shutdown windows, and now it won't start unless i system repair and revert to a earlyer system state which removes the video driver...
    if i install it.. windows stops booting again. until i system restore...
  2. bump :C
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