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So i going to change the PC-case, and i'm just wondering will my motherboard fit in the new case.

So this will be my new case:

And i don't know my exact motherboard but it's Asus H61 micro-ATX motherboard. My PC is Asus branded , and i have heard something like the branded PC's haven't normal motherboards and the case can't be switched.

My PC is Asus Essentio CM6730.

Hope you can help!
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  1. Yes it's compatible no worries!
  2. Nice case. 99.9% chance it fits, but I can't find any photos of the inside of your Asus online to be certain.

    You can pull up the new case manual and look at the diagram of motherboard placement. It should show distances between mounting holes. Then measure your board to make sure they are the same.

    Dell, HP, and Apple use custom boards sometimes but I've not heard of Asus doing so. Since they are a major motherboard manufacturer, I would assume they would use their own standard motherboard.
  3. Check the specifications. Specs say ATX and mATX motherboards. So, yes, it is compatible.
  4. Thank you very much guys good to hear. :)
  5. Your welcome!
  6. The only issue I can really think of would be if the holes don't line up or if you can't remove the rear motherboard I/O shield from the existing case.
  7. That's what i though, so what i do if the holes don't line up? Because i can't keep this my current case because it's too small and bad airflow and i have to keep the side panel open. :/
  8. The holes will line up, thats what the ATX/Micro ATX means.
  9. deadlockedworld said:
    The holes will line up, thats what the ATX/Micro ATX means.
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