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Hi, last night I was using my computer, playing guild wars 2. I wasnt actually doing anything graphically intensive at the time.

Suddently the game froze with a wierd visual image and went to a BSOD.

Afterwords on restart, I am experiencing a somewhat triplicate version of my LCD screen. This triplication is present in bios on boot and it is difficult to read.

If I do a standard boot the system crashes when windows attempts to load.

Booting in safe mode does work with the triplicate screen.

I tried reinstalling my graphics card driver in safe mode, but it fails to detect hardware.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im not sure if this is a hardware or driver problem.

System Specs:

Dell XPS
Windows 7 64 bit
i7 1.6 ghz
ATI mobility radeon 4570
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  1. I would suggest making a full back up of your machine then reinstalling win7 with the dell disk
  2. Make a Lunix Live CD to boot from, see if it runs OK using that.
    Sounds like the video card died or something is going on with the cables.

    If the laptop is in warranty, have Dell look at it.
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