Gtx 660 ti and gts 450

I upgraded from a gts 450 to a gtx 660 ti and was woundering if I could use my 450 as a dedicated
physx card.
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  1. Not worth it, will consume more power and u have physx in a handful of games. Rest of the time will stay in case producing more heat... and noise with practically no improvement in FPS.
  2. ok thank you very much.
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    Like I've said before... You might gain 5 FPS when PhysX is enabled but is such a small gain worth the increased heat and power consumption? To me it wouldn't be worth such a small gain but it's up to you to decide what you want. If you had a weaker GPU then maybe it might be worthwhile but your 660 ti is a very powerful card and it doesn't need much help.
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