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I am an international student in college, and I want to build a gaming mini PC that I can travel around with (I'm back in Vietnam in summer). I have been stumbling around and try to look for the best build with my 1000$. I found the concept of micro ITX pcs that I can comfortably travel with, and I came up with this build

What do you think tom's hardware?

Side note: Is anyone out there have good experience with traveling desktops, since I previously have this built in mind

But the traveling seems tough. I also have the idea of when traveling to dissemble the parts, wrap in bubble wrap with tough compoment in my suitcase and important component like mother board, cpu and GPU in my carry on. Just mount the component in another case at home.

So ultimately I have to choose between the micro ITX which offer somewhat a travel resolve, or a full system with disassembling for travel.
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  1. 2nd build looks more appealing to me; I never really tried Shuttle XPC.

    You can just get a mini tower like this one.

    and then a microATX board like...

    Also, don't bother with the Agility 3. It has reliability issues, and it's best to stay away from SandForce controllers.

    Get a 2x8gb RAM kit instead, I don't think modern motherboards support triple-channel.
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