Will old card/drivers/connectors work with new monitors?

I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 running Windows XP. I have two Dell P991 19" CRT monitors with (I believe) VGA connectors. The monitors are on their last legs and I need to replace them.

My question is: What do I need to look for in newer LCD monitors (probably up to 23") to make sure they will work as replacements for the old CRTs in my current setup?

Will I need a new video card? Drivers? Connectors/adapters?

What should I look for in the specs?

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  1. just ask if those have VGA, in fact you can just buy any good monitor, check if it has VGA and then buy a cheap VGA to DVI adapter in the same store or some other store that;s close; atleast I know theyre fairly common here in the Philippines lol
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