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Hello all. I've been having a problem recently with windows 7. Mainly on start-up.
After the bios and during the windows start up screen or even during the log in screen, I'll get a bsod either just a memory dump or Reference_by_pointer. I use the windows recovery on start up next boot and it does its thing. After the system restart windows logs in but then explorer.exe crashes and the desktop windows manager crashes. Which leads to a BSOD (Reference_by_pointer). I would try to access the dump file or the file that windows dumps the error into but I cant access my system and safe mode boots up with no taskbar or icons and eventually blue screens.
I have ran Diagnostic tests on my HDD and RAM both check out. Also this doesn't just happen when im using my pc. Like when I re install windows its fine I can restart 100 times and it will still boot, but when I turn the system off for the night... well thats when it all goes south. :sweat:
System specs:( if this helps)
AMD Phenom II 925
MSI NF750-G55
DDR3 1600mhz 2gb stick
also using two WD 320GB caviar drives in a Raid 0 but b4 I got the raid set up this issue was happening.
Programs I ran this install:( hope its just a program issue)
Comodo Firewall and AV
google chrome

I hope someone has had this issue too or knows how to fix this. cause I've google'd the blue screen and it seems people get this with network issues.
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  1. is your ram g.skill if not what type of ram do you have?

    and have you done any overclocking
  2. rawrfail said:
    is your ram g.skill if not what type of ram do you have?

    and have you done any overclocking

    No its kingston. My G skill ram went bad.
    and no Everything is at stock clocks. I made sure this morning when I had to reinstall again =[
    I think I found the problem by default the bios was pointing at the first hard drive in the raid array Instead of the array itself.
    So that fixed the bsod. Just waiting for the others to turn up( ones that happened b4 the raid was installed)
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