7850 on VGA monitor

I want to buy 7850 but I have seen people having problems when connected to monitor with VGA port only

Can someone confirm that it will work with the DVI->VGA converter or should I look for another card?
I cant afford to buy monitor with DVI now, I have budget for GPU only.
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  1. yea I dont see why you would have an issue....just make sure that the dvi ports on the card are dvi-i (well at least one of em) if its only dvi-d you wont be able to use a vga adapter

    look at the link to tell if its dvi-i I highly doubt they are not dvi-i so you will be fine
  2. Look for the gpu vendor which provide dvi to vga converter free.
  3. It will support ONE VGA monitor through the adapter. Though, you will not be able to connect more than one of them.
  4. ^^Yep they only have one dvi-i port I made it seem like there was multiple in my earlier post there is only one
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