*Extremely Time Sensitive* $1000 Dell AutoCad build

My friend just called me and needs help picking out a Dell computer that will run AutoCad and similar engineering programs well for under $1000.

Apparently the department at Georgia Tech where he studies has a budget that will go away by 5p.m. EST if it is not used.

The build can be no more than $1000.

The computer HAS to be Dell. (Contracts with GaTech)

Thank you so much!
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  1. Will it need to include a monitor and keyboard/mouse?
  2. No, it will not need any peripherals.
  3. Just choose one that has a really nice processor, like an i7 and a discrete graphics card as well as 8GB+ RAM. You should be fine from there.

    Don't get a GPU that is lower than the GT640 or HD7570.
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