Should I replace my video card entirely or opt for SLI?

I currently run an Nvidia GTX 560 ti in my system and have been considereing to upgrade my card to either the 660ti or 670. Would it be more cost effective to pick up another 560 and run it in SLI or make the move to the 600-series?

Also, if I do purchase a 600-series, what can I do with the replaced video card? Could I run it as a dedicated physics processor? Or just have it on had as a replacement?

Thank you very much for any input. My specs are below:

Mobo: Asus z77 sabertooth
CPU: Intel i7 3770
GPU: EVGA 560ti
PSU: 850watts
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  1. Get a better video card... SLI is nice but when you start to need more vram... your gonna wish you had a baller single card that comes with more vram..
  2. 560Ti SLI would be the cheaper solution. It will perform similarly to the GTX 670, provided you don't hit a video RAM barrier. Is your 560Ti a 1GB or 2GB model? We are starting to see some games that will use more than 1GB of RAM if you max them out, especially with high res textures. Skyrim maxed out with high res textures at 1080p requires 1.5GB of RAM on the video card. Maxing out Crysis 2 at 1080p with high res textures needs 1.7GB of RAM on the video card. If you only have the 1GB model, and you want to max out everything, you may want to move up to the 670 instead of SLI.

    SLI also has its own problems, like being more prone to driver issues, occasionally spotty game support, and more heat and power consumption, and for some people microstuttering issues.

    If you do go for a single 600 series card, you don't need to keep the 560Ti for PhysX. The 670 or 660Ti have enough grunt to handle PhysX fine on their own. You'd only need to keep the 560Ti for PhysX if you wanted to switch to AMD for your main card and run a hybrid PhysX setup.
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