Anyone playing ToJ-chronicles?

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So, who's playing a Gehenna, Apocalypse or Ascension chronicle? Enjoying it?
Do you players actually *know*? ;-)
And...are you deviating from the written scenario much? Are you using the

Me, I'm running my Werewolfplayers through the Apocalypse - Last
Battleground scenario. Made some modifications, but I'm pretty much
following the scenario. I might throw in a little Tribe Shall Fall
(featuring the Pure, for those with the book and in case any of my players
trying to get some dirt on my storyline.) Only drastic change is cutting out
the entire Perfect Metis-line; the 3rd sacrifice is a certain thingy
starting with a p. The PCs are /just/ starting to see the big plotlines now,
but they haven't met with Albrecht yet (1 or 2 sessions from now - the
luckless bastards are bringing him a prophecy made by Nhaukh, inscribed on
the flayed skin of a Silver Fang...).

Really curious how the whole Nightmaster-story is going to work. I'm using
the 5 forms Sean Riley posted on the WW-forum. Thanks Sean, they're very

5 forms:

Anyway, just curious how everyone's personal Gehennascencalypse is moving to
completion. Let's talk!

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    "Gieljan de Vries" <> wrote in

    > So, who's playing a Gehenna, Apocalypse or Ascension chronicle?

    Not by the book, but I am hosting my own Apocalypse in it's own right.

    Tribefall: Corax, along with the Beast of War aspect of the wyrm stirring
    in Europe while the Nation is divided Fenrir-Fianna-Walkers-Lords versus

    The players are right in the middle of it, not only in the real world and
    geographically, but also able to travel into vast metaphorical realms in
    the Umbra (huge Fortress around the base of the axis mundi, which basically
    means: there is reasonable hope, but a lot of souls are at stake), facing
    enemies that only mean good in the real world (a Humanity 8 Vampire who
    happens to be a slightly radical Lt.Colonel), some random opponents (a tiny
    Black Spiral hive in their home town), and a great mystery (what do the
    fricken' nuclear power plants have to do with it all?)

    It will boil down to "Fate is cruel".

    Because I don't like to force my player into a given plot, they have
    various subplots, adversaries, and choices (as there are two separate packs
    playing in the same chronicle), and I adapt my storyline accordingly.

    One possibility is that the players manage to ally all the tribes and
    simply "beat" the wyrm, with a happy end for all the tribes (difficult,
    because it involves perfect timing and using the various prophecies not as
    predictors, but as triggers of events). The "cruelty" herein lies with
    finding out how noble every single tribe was, how perfectly right their
    decisions were in the past, and how little respect they receive for it
    today. Basically an exercise in humility for the players, depicting the
    Garou as the sufferers they really are. The happy end will be cathartic and

    Another is the players saving the Red Talons and Children of Gaia, who are
    being badly decimated by the North Star people (Fenrir-Fianna-Lords-
    Walkers). This would end in a grim outcome, with the Nation terribly
    weakened the day the Apocalypse really comes. One day, the sun just won't
    go up in the morning, and I'll just read them the Epilogue of the

    Or the players solve the mystery about the Corax and a particularly potent
    Nexus Crawler & the artifact to summon it, and what caused some of the Red
    Talons to strike such a wyrm-infested deal with the Corax (that lead to the
    War among the tribes). It'll involve solving the nuclear powerplants riddle
    (it's really just about the Weaver and the fact that both Wyrm and Wyld can
    annihilate weaverish stuff, and that there's only a deadly way and a fatal
    way of doing it), and give them a fair shot at reuniting the European
    tribes before Beast of War manifests itself in the real word, strengthening
    the Garou for said "Lights Out" Apocalypse ending when all hell breaks
    loose. The Epilogue then would involve not less horror and pessimism, bit
    considerably more praise for the players ;)

    Last, but not least, the players will die (by just making too many enemies,
    or by deciding to fight the nexus crawler with the large group of Fenrir
    and Glasswalkers that will be at the site where the thing is turned loose)
    and end up at said fortress for the Last Battle at the axis mundi roots,
    where they find out that the war can be won, but that an awful lot of Garou
    souls will be destroyed in the last battle - pretty much all of them.

    Moritz Voss
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