Windows 7 ntoskrnl.exe+71f00 BSOD

I've been getting this lately, and it would just be random too. So I decided to re-install windows.

Did that, and I still get it.

While trying to boot from the CD I kept getting a USB I/O error saying a device was connected that couldn't be read.

It wouldn't allow me to boot up the windows CD.

Eventually it did, but my question is...with these 2 errors. WTF is going on?

FYI:Been running on Safe Mode all night...woke up and it's still working just fine.
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  1. Ntfs.sys driver is the culprit every single time.

    What does this mean?
  2. ^^ Basically, the system crashed while within the file ntfs.sys. Which means SOMETHING is screwing up deep within windows.

    Odds are, you have a bad stick of RAM. Run memtest86 on each stick of RAM, and see if any report an error.
  3. in safe mode see if you can run sfc /scannow
    this will repair any corrupt windows files.
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