Can anyone help please.

Hey guys, this is really off the topic on the forums, and there is no correct topic for it so i do very much so apoligise. But this website and forums are the information i trust personnaly.

Im looking into a gaming keyboard, have been for a while and just now have the ability to get one, the one im after is the "razer deathstalker ultimate"

Now, its £230 in england.. but i have found one, on Alot cheaper brand new. What i want to know, number 1 can a british person use to buy the keyboard?.

Number 2 will the keyboard work with a british pc?.

Thanks in advance once more sorry for having this in the wrong area.
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  1. Just use

    And PC's are PC's wherever you are.
  2. Unfortunitly the deathstalker ultimate isnt availible on Thats why im asking if its possible to buy of .com.
  3. I guess you could, but I don't know of the shipping.
  4. Yeah i just noticed, only shipped within the us.. my bad.
  5. Just cant seem to find one under £230 in britain.. it really sucks.
  6. That does suck. Maybe you can find someone who is selling one in like classifieds? I don't know what the UK equivalent of Craigslist is, but try that out.
  7. Will have to try. Cant find any in the price range im after only thing i can grab is the BlackWidow 2013. The deathstalker i found on was actually equil to £150, perfect price for me.
  8. Why are you after a Blackwidow?

    There are WAY better built mechanical keyboards for cheaper - hell, I payed through the.. ears... to ship a Leopold from the UK to here in the US.
  9. Im after a deathstalker not a blackwidow. And i generaly dont pay cheap, usualy you end up getting cheapy crappy for that.. But the deathstalker ultimate is only availible in the UK at around £230, and i cant afford that. I want one for around £150.
  10. Just a tap back to all that replyed, i did find a keyboard that does what i want, not the deathstalker but instead a Logitech G19. Has everything i need, i also managed to get a Razer naga mouse for cheaper then the Deathstalker board alone.
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