Plz help me to select a decent gpu for my desktop plzzz...suggest 2 to 3 alterna

i want a decent mid range graphic card for my new pc plz for tis specifications.
Intel i3 2120-3.3 mhz...
4 gb ddr3 ram..
18.5' lg-led monitor..

And plz recommend me with a psu and a motherboard too...tis pc is mainly for playing games i want to run battlefield3 like kind of new games . My budget is between $150 to $200 for graphic card . Plz recommend keeping my monitor resolutio and processor i3 in mind . and u have anything better than the existing processor plz recommend it to me :)i've limited budget for the whole pc nearly to $730. I'm in india the rates in dollars is usually double here so approx.inr rs.40000 is my full budget and some accessories and brands and not available in india so kindly plz keep tat in mind and suggest me plz :)
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  1. Well if you can find these this is order of cost to performance. Also you say to keep in mind CPU and resolution but you never listed your resolution.
    $210 7850
    $200 6950
    $190 560Ti
    $170 6870
    $150 6850

    All are US prices and most are cheaper after a rebate (although don't know if that's worth it for you). You'll have to check places around you and see which you can afford.

    Best of luck with the build.

    Also we need to know your PSU.
  2. All the 18.5" monitors I looked at were 1366 x 768, you could probably play most games in high or very high settings with something like a HD 7750. Anything over a 6850 or GTX 560 would be wasted IMO on that screen size.
  3. You said the size of your monitor but not the resolution. How many pixels wide by how many pixels high?
    This will help determine how powerful of a graphics card you need to play your games at optimal settings.

    Also, what games do you want to play(this may determine whether you need a better cpu or not , like if you want to
    play Battlefield 3 online versus other people)? Actually, you said BF3 but not multiplayer specifically. That is the main
    reason to get that game, imho. VS MW3(good story but cookie cutter online play),BF3 story ok but MP HOLY CRAP!

    Also, what level of detail is acceptable to you in games? Lo, med, hi, very hi, ultra? Do you need old school multi-
    sample aa and/or super sample aa, or will shader based fxaa suffice? Do you want to play any games that use
    nvidia's physx technology? If so, which ones?

    If we know these things, we can help you find the best cpu, mobo, gpu, psu and cooler/case to do what you want to
    do and stay within your budget. Oh, is flipcart a good site for you based on prices and shipping? I have tried to help
    other people get parts in India and flipcart seems to have ok selection, prices, and free shipping on many items.

    Do you need other parts besides those and the ram like a hard drive, optical drive, mouse, keyboard, OS(win 7)?

    Since BF3 goes best with DX11, windows 7 home premium sp1 64bit is the best choice. If this is a totally new build.
    you can get the oem version cheaper than retail(but can't reuse it with a different mobo in the future). If you have
    a retail copy then you are good to go, but if you want to use a copy that came on an older computer you are SOL.
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