Plz help me out to find a decent mid level gpu.plz help

i want a decent mid range graphic card for my new pc plz for tis specifications.
Intel i3 2120-3.3 mhz...
4 gb ddr3 ram..
18.5' lg-led monitor..

And plz recommend me with a psu and a motherboard too...tis pc is mainly for playing games i want to run battlefield3 like kind of new games . My budget is between $150 to $200 for graphic card . Plz recommend keeping my monitor resolutio and processor i3 in mind . and u have anything better than the existing processor plz recommend it to me :)i've limited budget for the whole pc nearly to $730. I'm in india the rates in dollars is usually double here so approx.inr rs.40000 is my full budget and some accessories and brands and not available in india so kindly plz keep tat in mind and suggest me plz :)
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