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I currently have this computer -->

A day or two ago I asked what to upgrade first and got some good suggestion on upgrades to the gpu and psu for my $250 budget but I have decided that I need a new case in this first round of upgrading. I am in the US and would like to use Newegg or Amazon. This is for light, low fps gaming.
I have some idea of what to get but I would like some outside input.

What I am looking at right now is:
Rosewill CHALLENGER ($40)
ASUS HD7770 ($160) or EVGA 650ti ($160)
CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 ($45)
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  1. Hi, you have
    "Power Supply: Internal 300W (100V-240V) " The HP PSU is solid.

    That's plenty of power for an HD7770 (80W TDP) and would still work with less OC headroom for the EVGA 650ti (110W).

    I'd just get the HD7770 video card and keep your current case and power supply. It'll game the same. And that frees up anther $85 for your eventual processor upgrade to Core i3-2120 (Sandy Bridge) dual core 65W which is supported on that MB. ($125, newegg; $120 amazon)
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