Slow USB Speed

I have a Westel 6100 modem/router and PC1 connects to USB,PC2 connects to Ethernet.I can share DSL plus printer and files.DSL speed shows 12 Mbps on USB port.

Works great except file transfers are very slow,much slower than Ethernet to Ethernet.I am not sure I have it connected to USB 2.0 on PC1.How can I verify and how can I upgrade to 2.0 and will this change the 12 Mbps speed as reported today?

Thank you.
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  1. Yes, it sounds like you have a USB 1.0 connection. Try it on a port you are sure is USB 2.0, but after reading the manual for that router I am not sure it supports higher than USB 1.0 and 12Mbps since DSL does not support higher than that speed.
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