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If you are considering buying a pc for $1000 or more we need to talk.

I may be able to build you a custom system that out performs the big box systems for less money. Buying off the shelf systems limits your creativity in designing your perfect system.

You owe it to yourself to explore whats available in the component market. I offer a well appointed custom system (the same I am currently using) that costs about $1750 parts and labor.

Intel 3770k
16gb 1600mhz Ram
Geforce GTX 660
128gb SSD
2tb Hard Drive
Phantom 410

I can duplicate this system, or use this system as a base system that you can upgrade/downgrade to fit your needs and price point. Another option is a complete custom build to your specs. These systems will be prices individually.

If interested, more information can be provided upon request

*Currently only shipping to US
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