New system not recognizing CD-RW

I just rebuilt my system, upgrading from a Xeon 450 to an AMD 1.4. I reused my Philips CD-RW. Unfortunately, when I reinstalled Adaptec Easy CD, I am receiving an error message telling me that no recordable CD can be found. Looking at the drive in the device manager, it shows as an IDE CD R/RW, but under properties, it shows the device type as "DVD/CD-ROM device". To the best of my knowledge this device is strictly plug-and-play. I've never had any specific drivers for it (or for any drive, for that matter) Any suggestions?
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  1. dont use easy cd cremator.

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  2. I have just encountered the same issue. Did you fix this?
    I have tried two different CD -RW and get the same problem. Both are defined as CD-ROM in windows and I cannot write to them.


  3. Are you using win XP & CD Creator 5.0? If it is, then you need to download the lastest upgrate for win xp to regonize your drive.

    Here is the link:
  4. Thanks, but I need to give you more information.
    I have Windows ME, Easy CD Creator V4.05.

    Any help?
  5. Oh man what a combination !!!
    I have Windows ME, Easy CD Creator V4.05.

    my advice

    1. upgrade to winxp OR downgrade to Win98 se ( both are better than winme)

    2. Ditch the roxio\creative software and install Nero


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  6. Actually, I never got it to work with that drive. I bought a new Plextor, formatted the hard drive, and started over. Everything works fine.

    I agree with Lagger. You may want consider getting away from Win ME. I've also change to Nero. It is a great improvement over Easy CD.

    I'm sorry that I can't provide a direct solutions, but I my best recommendation would be to try Nero and see if it can recognize the drive. Here is a <font color=blue><A HREF="" target="_new"> free demo. </A></font color=blue>

    Good Luck,


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  7. Thanks for the help.
    I moved to Nero, and all is well.


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