What can I upgrade my video card to? (Latest or Best Model Possible)

Here are my specs!

Intel i7 Core 2.80GHz
8 GB Ram
64 Bit operating system
1 TB hard drive with 500 GB external hard drive.

NVidia Geforce GTS 240

Those are my main specs.

My computer is a Dell Studio XPS 8000 (2009 Dell Model)

So what can I upgrade my NVIdia Geforce GTS 240 to? Please tell me NVIDIA video cards!
If you believe and you are certain there is a ATI better to pick for my computer, please do say :D
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  1. since you only have a 350watt powersupply the best card you are looking at is the AMD 7750....if you upgrade your powersupply the sky is the limit

  2. ^He's correct.

    ATI doesn't exist anymore - they got swallowed by AMD... but the AMD 7750 is by far the most powerful graphics card that will run with the power just from a single slot.

    If you wanted, you could upgrade your power supply and actually be able to power a beefy graphics card, but I don't know that you need it. What do you want the graphics upgrade for, and what resolution is your monitor?
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