How is my gaming build?

Is this build decent and somewhat cost efficient?
I plan on overclocking in the future... but probably in 2 years.
Can you give me a link to good cheap speakers for computers?
If you have any tips on how to lower the prices please share them.

Build Link:

Thank you in advanced. :D <3 ♥
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  1. looks good, but go with a 2x4gb ram instead of 1x8gb ram, so you can utilize dual channel.
  2. yep get the 2x4 ram and otherwise it looks really good :D
  3. lt_dan_zsu said:
    looks good, but go with a 2x4gb ram instead of 1x8gb ram, so you can utilize dual channel.

    Expanding on this, it would be slightly cheaper, and you would get DOUBLE memory bandwidth in doing so.

    Second I recommend you buy a hyper 212 EVO and overclock right off the bat, there is no reason not to and it is EXTREMELY easy to do.
  4. Jeebus, ANOTHER one. This is at least your seventh, and I answered your sixth not an hour ago.
  5. i recommend the hyper 212+ its just as good as the evo but cheaper
  6. DarkSable said:
    Jeebus, ANOTHER one. This is at least your seventh, and I answered your sixth not an hour ago.

    I have seen that parts list before too
  7. :lol: yeah hes like me :/ where i post like 8 threads about the same things just to get better answers or different answers
  8. The Xigmatek Gaia cools within a degree of the Crappermaster and is quieter.
  9. also basically the same thing
  10. I heard that the Radeon hd 7950 has a high fail rate is this true?

    What brand of it should I get as well
  11. also changed build a bit
  12. why a 660ti?
  13. stick with radeon???
    is it reliable?
  14. ??? someone reccommended it
  15. both are fine, they both have their own strong areas and no AMD is not more reliable it depends on which manufacturer you buy from

    OK, im doing it guys fill out these questions for me so i can see if you would be better off with a radeon or a nvidia

    1) What games do you play now?

    2)what games will you play eventually do you think?

    3)do you like rpg, fps, or mmo type games(roll playing game, first person shooters, massive multiplayer something[world of warcraft])

    4)what resolution do you play at right now

    5)what resolution do you eventually want and when will you get it(estimate)

    6)how long do you want this graphics card

    7)does physx, adaptive vsync, and all the other cool "treats" from nvidia really make you want to buy nvidia?

    9)do you enjoy to overclock?

    10)Do you edit videos?

    11)How many things do you like to do at once(so how many things are you doing, for example I usually have at least 4 windows open of chrome with some type of music player open[not very demanding but just wondering])

    Please answer all of this, and also what is your budget on a graphics card?
  16. ok so im between
    radeon 7950

    geforce gtx 660

    geforce gtx 660 ti

    all gigabyte
    what should I choose?
  17. 7950
  18. but... my survey :( oh well
  19. oh srry lol went to bed kk ima do the survey...

    1. Starcraft 2 and skyrim.
    2. idk lol
    3. I like rts real time strategies
    4. 1280, 720
    5. idk
    6. 4-6 years might upgrade though
    7. No because idk what that is.
    8. I might want to overclock... but idk how to do it and idk if I will have enough fans.
    9. Not much, just for school.
    10. usually 6 windows and a 7th with music... and starcraft 2 is running

    p.s. you messed up a little on your numbering...
    p.s.s. Link:
  20. p.s.s.s the resolution is starcraft 2. (my main game lol)
  21. yeah go with the 7950, if you overclock it a little you can get pretty close to the 670stock which is better than 660ti, and can max any game... Because you dont care for the physx etc. then yeah i recommend going for 7950 like you just posted, it will last you longer and if your only going to stay at 720 then yeah it will easily last you 3 years and can play anygame(maybe not at max settings in a year or two but you can play it)
  22. what brand should I go with is gigabyte good ?
  23. also if I want 32 gb ram can I just keep adding 8 gb until I hit 32...
    like buying them at different times
  24. oh yeah... im not sure if your os will support 32gb(home premium) can anyone chip in here(if no one does go into the windows 7 section and check what version you need to run 32gb) anyways yeah its fine im about to add another 8 for 16, as long as you have enough slots and the right os that can handle it your set to go.

    also here is a nice version of the 7950(I know what too look for i spent three months looking at cards :/)
    this one gets really good reviews and I like sapphire, the only thing is that its clocked at a lower clock speed, which you can easily get to 900 by overclocking but im not sure you want too do that
  25. is the saphire one better than the gigabyte one?
  26. i mean I'm gunna probly do windows ultimate for this one
  27. I might go with gigabyte because it is more popular...
    is this a bad idea?
  28. it seems more reliable(last longer) and sapphire cools their cards pretty well... but again if you end up getting that one then you will want to overclock it which I can walk you through if you like or show you a video, its really easy and pretty fun as well(note there is no danger with it only that it may lower its life, but a cards life starts at like 6- years to begin with and if you run it at max oc and it runs really hot you may lower the like 5 to 6 years
  29. Oh ok then I should go with saphire...

    updated build:

    p.s. do i have enough fans to OC?
  30. yeah you should be fine, the only thing i would suggest is get more fans for your case(fill all the available slots)
  31. what do you mean by fill all the slots?

    ps. can you tell me how to overclock or give me a tutorial or something

    p.s.s. Should I wait until black friday before buying my parts... does newegg have a black friday sale?
  32. hmm i think newegg does but its weird, I guess try its in a week right? but yeah if you can then definetely

    for overclocking(CPU)
    I know it says its for the fx-8120 but if you apply it to any other cpu it should work the same way
    the only thing is that you may not get artifacts but instead have your screen go black(also use msi overdrive) this will not hurt your gpu and its not a sign of failure just a failure so you should lower the overclock

    by fill all the slots is the busses or areas where you can put your memory if you fill all of them up then clearly you cant get more ram in there but if you still have extra slots by all means you can put more in when ever
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