Is this 650 watt corsair cmpsu good enough for my system?

Hey guys. first post in the forums. wooooooooooohoooo! :pt1cable:

Anyways. I need to know if this power supply is good enough to power the system im about to build.... keep in mind my budget is less than $1000. And please no comments about switching to intel.. if i go intel, I'd want the best of the best (3930k with ASUS rampage IV, etc etc) and its just way outta the price range. Plus im gonna use this computer for studio music recording as well, which easily maxes out my current fx 4100's 4 cores. SO ANYWAYS..

EVGA gtx 670 FTW 2GB $390

NZXT phantom phan 001 case $140

ASUS M5A99X EVO motherboard $140

AMD FX 6300 vishera cpu $140

G. Skill RIPJAWS X 16GB 1600 ram $75

This is the build that im hoping to use this power supply in. I already have a hard drive and ssd, both formatted with windows 7, and my optical drives, and my corsair h70.. hence theyre not included.

also if you guys have other build for less than $1000 that you think are better than this, please speak up! Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. Yeah very sufficient.
  2. yep great to go :D have fun with your gaming rig!

    have you built it yet? if not i have a few suggestions to make
  3. Suggestions are more than welcome! Only thing ive purchased so far is the psu and ram (:
  4. I would swap the 670 for the superior 7970 personally.
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    oh god not this... i had a 10 page fight about this :/ I went with the 670 because I get more fetures and its basically the same thing as the 7970 as lower res(1920x1080)

    note: my suggestions
    -the only suggestion i have is maybe try and get a better cpu like the i5-2500k, or the i5-3570k, the reason i say this is not because im an intel fanboy(note im using a fx-8120 right now and i like it just ill tell you why :/) basically your cpu will bottleneck your gpu pretty badly in bf3 or any other game that is cpu intensive such as gta IV, it will run great in any game that does not depend on the cpu that much but any that does expect 30-50fps when other people get 50-80
  6. Hmmm... Ill take it into consideration. I WOULD like to have pcie 3.0 lol. And as for using the 7970, no. Every friend i habe who builds their own pc always has driver issues with AMD cards and generally they get the same or better fps with lower end nvidia cards e.g radeon 7970 vs 660 ti or 570. Trusting my gut on this one.
  7. yeah I have the 670 and it paired with the fx-8120 even at 4.7 does not do so well :/
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  9. Blah. Went with the 3570k. Thanks all!
  10. :na: YES im silver! :D

    no problem i was glade to help!
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