OS/DVI/Optical Drive Questions

Okay So i have put together most of my first build and I got a few hand-me down parts for free so naturally I have a few lingering questions...

1) The video card i got has DVI-I and hdmi. Meanwhile the monitor i was given has a VGA and DVI-D. Will the two DVIs be compatible with the same cable or will I need an adapter of some sort (VGA-HDMI or DVI-I to DVI-I or other)?

2)I received a hard drive with Windows XP on it in barely working condition. Im PRETTY SURE I have the original product key on the bottom of the case (the Hard drive came with xp pre installed so no CD). Is there any way for me to get a fresh download of xp? (I tried system restore and WINNT32 in folder i368 but it did not work).

3)I was planning on taking part in the upgrade from xp to 8 deal going on because im pretty short on funds right now. If XP is gone forever would linux be an option? I would use my PC for many Steam, documents, music, movies, and web browsing.

4)I got two disk drives a DVD and a CD-R drive. They have IDE, new motherboard only has SATA. Im pretty sure im just f*cked here and ill need to spring for a new disk drive (uhhhhhg) but there's nothing i can do right?

Thanks so much in advance. I apologize for my ignorance and/or stupidity :pt1cable:
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  3. Thanks you've confirmed what I basically thought I appreciate the time
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