PC HDMI to LCD TV display looks bad.

I've actually been trying to fix this for a while now. I was forced to switch to VGA because only on my 22 inch LCD TV whenever I try to use HDMI on it, it looks terrible. At first I was trying 1360 x 768 because that's what I use with my VGA cable but someone told me to do it on 1920 x 1080. But no matter what resolution I try it looks terrible in some way. I have used all the resolutions in the NVIDIA Control Panel but it's either I can see most of my screen but not all of it or I can see all the screen but a black border takes up 3/4 of my screen. Is their anyway to fix this? It works on my brothers 19 inch LCD TV and my living room 40 inch LCD TV.

This might help:


16 inch HDMI Cable (Gold plated & 1080p support)

22 inch Emerson LCD TV
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  1. check on emerson's website what the official resolution for the tv is...since its a cheaper brand it may not actually be 1080p or 720p as it claims to be....also check to see if there are any image enhancement settings on on the tv....this would explain why it looks fine on vga (most tvs turn off all image enhancers when using vga) but looks crappy with hdmi
  2. Many tv's have a setting for a computer input or something similar.
  3. My 32" Samsung recommended one particular HDMI port for connection to a PC, HDMI 2. If I used any of the other HDMI ports, it looked bad. Check your documentation to see if they provided a special HDMI port for PCs. If that is a low end TV, it may not have one.
  4. 1)Specific HDMI ports are meant specifically for PC connections. check your TV manual.

    2)your TVs native resolution is at 720p/768p. outputting to 1080p on a PC will naturally look ugly.

    3) lack of 4:4:4 chroma subsampling support ; http://www.avsforum.com/t/1381724/official-4-4-4-chroma-subsampling-thread
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