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hello all, i bought new ati hd 7850 xfx card. and my processor is amd fx 8120. i want working with 3ds max with vray2.2. when i\'m hit the open CL render problems comes. only in gpu render problem. other wise every thing is ok. but i want to render gpu. when i was checking select the open CL device in vray app shows two open CL device. i have enough ram 16 gb and os windows 7 64bit and psu 650w cooler master. please help me make a gpu render. thanking you
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  1. Sounds like driver problems. Which video card was in the PC before the 7850? Even if its ATI, you still should uninstall drivers, then run program like Driver Sweeper, and then reinstall new drivers. Or maybe you have to use older drivers. You will have to check the supported drivers for 3dsmax.
  2. hi, many times i remove the video driver using dirver sweeper and try old& updated driver used. in vray RT engine reply cl_nv_compiler_options not found.
  3. I´m having a similar problem with the same video card, Vray RT works with CPU and even CUDA, but only uses CPU; when I switch to OpenCL it freezes, I get the message "VRay Standalone has stopped working"
    Have you managed to solve your problem?
  4. The problem seems to be with OpenCL 1.2 compatibility.
    Previous cards used OpenCL version 1.0 and 1.1. 78xx has OpenCL 1.2
    I have exactly same issue with Sony Vegas rendering. I look forward when Sony engineers release a patch with OpenCL 1.2 support.
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