Amd radeon 7770hd video crash

I recently assembled a new pc and i have problems with the video card. Every time i play some recent games the video freezes for a couple of seconds, i got black screen, and then the game minimizes on windows and most of the times i am unable to reopen it (sometimes the error “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” appears); this happens randomly when i play (it can be after 10 minutes or after 2 hours). I unistalled all drivers, cleaned registry and then reinstalled recent or old catalyst drivers but the problem persist. I also reinstalled all motherboard drivers and updated bios. The gpu temperature never goes beyond 60c. My power supply is a corsair cx500 500watt and i checked out it has enough power for the pc. I also tried removing ulps from regedit as some forums suggest, the problem persist. I stressed the gpu with furmark and the video card doesn't crash. The graphics overdrive for the overclock is off. I enabled xmp on ram. I tried one single slot of ram at the time. Recently i tried the video card on a friend's pc and it worked fine, then i tried his psu on mine and it started crashing again. I really have no idea of what to do anymore, games run smoothly as they should but they freeze all the time.

os: windows 7 64bit
motherboard: msi z68a-g43
cpu: i5 2310 @ 2.90 ghz
video card: gigabyte amd radeon 7770hd
power supply: corsair cx500 500watt
ram: corsair 8gb (2x4)
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  1. Do you have a different GPU available or a different PC available to test in? Ask a friend to use their GPU in your computer or vice versa. If the problem follows the graphics card you know what the problem is. You could try using integrated for a bit. This kind of sounds like when my graphics card broke but it was also having a heat problem unlike yours.
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