My EVGA 550ti superclocked 2gb will not stay at a steady clock

I really need help i just bought a evga 550ti superclocked 2gb edition and it will not stay at a normal clock speed it always goes down to very low clocks after about 5 min off of the boot up the clocks drop down to core 51,shader 101,and the memory is 135 it never did this till i over clocked it to (999mhz clock) any help plz i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fou:
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  1. Your sure it didn't do that before ?

    Anyway ; it's quite normal, my 560ti goes down to 50/65 in idle. It cranks up automatically under load ( gaming )
  2. didn't do what befoure? and yes i know but under load it does not go back up it stays the same. any help?
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