Alienware or build my own?

Hello, I am a first time gaming computer builder and was wondering what I should do.
Would it be better if I home built a computer or bought one from Alienware. My budget is $2000(could go up). The Alienware computer I would buy is the x51. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated! thanks.
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  1. Prebuilt computers are ALWAYS badly built and full of bloatware. Alienware produces some of the worst computers out there.

    You can build yourself an AMAZING computer for way cheaper than $2000 that'll be way more powerful than the most expensive alienware.

    dude you will pay 1000 dollars for a 600 dollar computer performance with alienware, the only thing you get with alienware is cool looks other than that its just completely over priced

    The best of both worlds: The prebuildness of alienware and the better prices of building it on your own plus they can overclock it for you since you stated you were/are a noob to pc gaming
  4. good point... but building is soo much fun! :P
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