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EVGA GTX 480 vs. GTX 570 DS

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
September 12, 2012 10:59:13 PM

I've narrowed my choice of GPU down to these two cards.

GTX 480:

GTX 570 DS:

I'm thinking the 570 is pretty much a snap-pick here. It has a non-reference cooler, it's newer tech, and it generally puts up slightly better numbers than the 480.

My dilemma basically just has to do with how solid I've heard the 480 is (owning an old flagship card appeals to me as well). It also has more vram, a bigger memory bus, and it's $30 cheaper (although the 570 does have a $20 MIR - $210 after rebate isn't bad...). I don't mind the extra heat and power consumption that the 480 will perpetrate.

I'm not sure that the extra vram/bus will really matter as I'll be gaming in 1080p with no more than 4x/8x AA at any given time.

Anyhow, what do you think? Have you owned either of these cards (or, even better, both?)?


EDIT: I'm also considering going SLI in the future. I'd like to keep my PSU, if possible (Antec Earthwatts EA750), and 570 SLI seems to be the only option on a 750w (480 SLI requires something like 850 minimum) - unless I bought a cheaper geforce instead of either of these cards.

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a c 198 U Graphics card
September 12, 2012 11:08:50 PM

My friend who owned a GTX570 still has his, and it plays all games he has ever tried on the highest it goes.

Now I see your argument with the 480. Its cool because its an old top-of-the-line card. I understand that point of view, and sorta side with it in terms of my Radeon HD6950.

The thing about the 480 though is that the 480 runs extremely hot. You have to crank up the fan pretty high to get a solid temperature on the card, and even then, its hot and annoying. You can get an aftermarket cooler, but at that point, its not worth it since it would be over the price of the GTX570.

I also forgot to mention it uses ALOT more power as well.
a c 186 U Graphics card
September 13, 2012 12:39:54 AM

Get the 570 i have two and love them my son has a 480 it's good but still a powerhog runs hot and kinda loud if you don't mind that get the 480 it's a nice card